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March 18, 2010

MCS tries to lower tax levy to 0 percent



Members of the Milford Central School Board of Education have been working with the district’s newly formed teacher’s association on possible budget cuts.

According to Superintendent Peter Livshin, the goal is to get the tax levy down to 0 percent. However, he said that figure may not be completely possible and district residents are more likely to see a 1 percent or less increase.

As of now, Milford Central School is looking at a proposed budget of $9,423,083 for the 2010-11 school year. This is a 1.66 percent increase compared to the 2009-10 budget.

Livshin said he is anticipating having to spend more money for the summer piece of the district’s special education program, but is still waiting to hear about the governor’s special education refund proposal. The board of education is considering phasing out French. BOE President Tom Brennan said board members are committed to ensuring that all students currently taking French have the opportunity to continue with their sequence. He said under the proposal, students will not be able to begin French starting next year.

``There are not substantial immediate savings with our French teacher going to .8 next year,’’ wrote Brennan via e-mail. ``However, we are anticipating the need for additional savings over the next several years and this will allow us to obtain those savings over time with no impact to students taking French when the savings are obtained; and limited impact to future students given enrollment trends.’’

``Obviously, we are disappointed with reducing choice in this area _ at least in the short term,’’ added Brennan. Brennan said the district expects to eliminate a technology teacher and provide mandated curriculum with current faculty.

``BOCES can provide to our students much of the additional curriculum we are currently providing in-house,’’ said Brennan, who said the district is seeking to avoid duplication. ``We will actually be seeking to expand the scope of technology offerings through alternative arrangements.’’

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