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August 1, 2013

A slow, but satisfying, recovery

We must admit that it seems to have taken us much longer to recover from the rigors of our recent travels than it has in the past. Of course, our recovery was no doubt put on hold when the Ohio Ellsworths arrived for a visit in Cooperstown just three days after we had arrived home. In fact, we have figured out that during the preceding month, we have spent almost three weeks with our granddaughter and her parents. In doing so we discovered that The Widge has more energy in her little finger than we have in our entire body.

However, we were lucky that when we spent as much time with her as we did it was during a period in which her favorite song was “Let it Be” by The Beatles. And when she has a favorite song, not only does she listen to it over and over, she also really does her 3½-year-old research about the song. Thus she is able to recite at the drop of a hat that The Beatles were George, Ringo, Paul and John. She also notes that George and John are dead. And John died because Mark Chapman was not nice to him. She adds that The Beatles are boys, while Yoko, who was around The Beatles, is a girl.

We found all of that information fairly straight forward. But she also includes, when discussing The Beatles, Billy Preston. Now we were around when The Beatles first performed on the Ed Sullivan Show. But we had no idea who The Widge was talking about when she mentioned Billy Preston. She told us he played the organ on the song “Let it Be,” even pointing out, as she listened to the song, when he was playing. She further told us that he too is dead because he was sick. Little did we know that we seem to have a granddaughter who, at the moment at least, is a 3½-year-old walking encyclopedia of Beatle information. Just ask her and she will tell all.

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