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October 31, 2013

Making a home at Clara Welch

After much soul searching and many conferences with my financial adviser, who happens to be my son, David, I made the decision to move into the Clara Welch Thanksgiving Home. My other children, Stephen and Dianne, agreed that this would be a good move. 

I lived in our Church Street house for fifty-seven years, the last ten by myself and as my advancing years slowed me down a bit and I became less active in the community, I felt my aloneness more. My house was advancing in age, also, and needed constant attention, as did my garden, which I loved, but found difficult to keep up. Winters were becoming longer and harder and the snow and ice became a problem. 

My children felt that at ninety-one and a half, I should not be alone, the biggest fear being that I might fall. We considered all options and decided the move to Thanksgiving Home was the best.

So, here I am. I have to admit that the transition has been a bit of a challenge. Moving into a house which is home to twenty plus people is far different from living alone. And, I’m certainly not used to having everything done for me. But it isn’t taking me long to get used to that and to find that it’s pretty nice. No longer do I have to shop for groceries and prepare my meals, nor do I have to do my laundry (my knee-highs even come back pressed). Nor do I have to do any cleaning, or take out the garbage or worry about snow removal, or yard upkeep or house repair. 

There is always someone around here, staff and/or residents and something to do if I so desire. I have learned to play Cribbage and Pitch. Fun.

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