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August 11, 2013

CCS takes a look at technology in the classroom

Just as with everyday life, technology is gaining a bigger foothold in the classroom.

Jennifer Pindar, Cooperstown Central School social studies teacher, says she uses technology very often in teaching and tries to incorporate more every year.

“Technology is very important in the classroom,” she said “This generation is very tech savvy and we need to change our teaching styles to incorporate technology.”

Pindar said she uses video clips from websites such as YouTube, the History Channel and PBS in her classroom. She said she also creates PowerPoints to teach lessons that are filled with portraits, paintings, maps and more.

“I have links in these PowerPoints that will bring us to a website to research a certain topic,” she explained.

“My students create group presentations using technology. Students create 2-minute video clips as well,” Pindar added.

Technology can be used inappropriately however. According to Pindar, educators need to prepare and show students how to use technology safely.

“Technology plays a huge role in careers and we need to prepare these students for the college level and for the workforce,” she said.

The high school teacher said steps are being taken at CCS through a newly designed course called freshman seminar.

“We started this required class last year and it has been successful,” Pindar said. “We are teaching students how to research properly online and the research process.”

In December, Michael Radlick of Learning Technology Visions, LLC did a walk through of the district’s technology. According to Superintendent C.J. Hebert, Radlick looked at the wiring infrastructure, talked to key individuals about the use of technology and discussed server capabilities. Hebert said Radlick was able to come to some conclusions and give some suggestions as the district plans for technology investments for the future.

“What we wanted to do is get an assessment of the district’s technology infrastructure and usage,” Hebert said.

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