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August 11, 2013

CCS takes a look at technology in the classroom


Radlick presented a survey, taken by staff, students and community members, at the June 12 board of education meeting. The hope was to get an idea of access people have in the different townships within the district, according to Hebert.

“What I had hoped was that we would have received a little more distinctive and discrete information about access-levels in different areas,” Hebert said. “With the number of responses we got, I’m not sure we got a full picture. You can’t force people to take the survey.”

A total of 69 responses (53.9 percent of the overall response rate) was given for the staff survey. The majority of respondents (50.9 percent) said they felt computers technology is very important for them to successfully do their job. The top three most critical technology needs for CCS in the next three years indicated on the survey were more desktop computers, SMART Boards and tablets.

Pindar said she believes iPads and tablets would be great tools in the classroom if used properly.

“We do have computer labs and computers in the Library Media Center,” she said. “However, there are times when it is hard to reserve time because classes are in there. It would be great to have tablets/iPads in the classroom. Very much could be accomplished in the classroom with these technology tools.”

According to Pindar, most students have access to the internet and tech devices, but some do not. Of those who took the web-based survey, about 95 percent have at home access to a computer and about 5 percent do not. More than half the students said they have a computer in their own room. About 77 percent said they had access to high speed internet connection.

“I believe tablets given to all students/classes would be very helpful. This is something that we are actually looking into doing with our incoming ninth grade,” she said.

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