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August 11, 2013

CCS takes a look at technology in the classroom


The letter goes on to say there was grant money to supply internet service to a fair portion of the Milford Central School District and that Sharratt is hopeful the same can be done with CCS or the town.

Hebert said it is hard to tell if Hartwick is in more need of access to technology than others in different areas of the district based on survey results. The highest number of responses came from community members in the town of Otsego, the second highest from the town of Hartwick.

Pindar said the district accommodates students with access to technology by having a computer lab open twice a week after school until 4 p.m..

“Many student take advantage of this,” she said. “Students can also access computers during study halls and lunch periods.”

Students in grades four through 12 were able to participate in the CCS survey. There were a total of 598 responses — a 86 percent response rate. The majority, 64.9 percent indicated they are an “average” computer user. Six students said they do not use computers and 39 considered themselves to be at an “expert level.”

The survey showed that most students use computers at home. Of the 598 students who participated, 89 said they have a regular cell phone with no internet or texting, 221 said they have a cell phone with texting but no internet, 315 said they own a smartphone, 339 said they have a tablet computer such as an iPad, Kindle or Galaxy and 203 said they have a simple e-reader.

When asked to give an overall grade of A, B, C, D or F of the computer technology in the school, 43 percent gave it a B. The majority of students said they believe computers and technology are very important or important for teaching and learning.

There were a total of 135 responses to the community survey, 49 residing in the village and 86 indicating that they lived outside the village. When asked to give a grade of technology use at the school the majority gave it a C; however, there were 20 “don’t knows.”

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