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October 25, 2012

CCS to hire part-time teacher


Hebert said the teacher hired will have his or her own separate room, so it won’t be a case of an individual pushing into the other three classrooms. In other words, he said, students will be grouped into four sections for a period of the day. 

When asked if there has been any discussion on whether  a full-time position will be made for the next school year Hebert said there has not. 

CCS hired a full-time 10-month kindergarten teacher before the start of the school year to accommodate a larger-than-anticipated class. 

According to Hebert, the district looked at live birth data before the kindergarten roundup and was expecting a small class of kindergartners in the high 30s. Those numbers held through for most of the spring, but as July approached, the numbers began to climb into the low 40s, he said. 

At the time, board member Theresa Russo said she feared parents of first-grade students might want to see smaller class sizes for their children also because numbers were tight. Officials said there were 67 students enrolled in first grade with a possibility of two more joining the group. 

There arethree sections of first-graders with a total of 71 students.

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