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July 3, 2013

CV-S holds meeting to hear input from superintendent candidates

Board expected to make a decision this month


She said she is a quiet leader who tries to lead by example rather than yelling. She said she only has to give people “the teacher look” to let them know she disapproves.

“I like to motivate people,” Shene said. “I’m not afraid of hard work and I’m not afraid to give praise either.”

“We’re all here because we need to prepare our students for the world,” she continued.

Shene said it is important for the superintendent to be visible throughout the school. She said if she were to become superintendent she and the principal would greet the students as they got on and off the buses to say “good morning” and “goodbye.” She said she would also walk through the classrooms “to get a sense of what is being taught.”

Shene said she would attend the student events to show her support.

“I care about their education and their success,” Shene said.

She said one of her goals would be to increase student achievement goals, and to always meet AYP, Annual Yearly Progress, for all students.

She then spoke about her experience working as an interim superintendent this past year in Fine. Shene said they didn’t meet AYP in some areas and that she talked to the teachers to figure out the problem.

“Teachers should be held accountable for each student,” Shene said.

When asked what is the role of a superintendent Shene said, “It is the number one role of the superintendent to be the educational leader and make students college- and career-ready.”

Shene added that the number two responsibility of the superintendent is to be in charge of the budget.

Shene said her experience is what sets her apart from her opponents. She has 26 years of experience in education in various roles, as a teacher, principal and interim superintendent.

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