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July 3, 2013

CV-S holds meeting to hear input from superintendent candidates

Board expected to make a decision this month


“I bring perspective from all of these roles and also from the role of a parent,” Shene said.

“I bring a positive attitude, I am a hard worker and I will not sacrifice my integrity,” Shene continued.

Sincavage was the final speaker of the evening. He said he is the superintendent of the Wells School District and since it is so small, with only 157 students pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, he is also the principal.

“I have experience from every angle of education,” Sincavage said.

He said he started his educational career as a math teacher for eight years in Canajoharie. Sincavage then moved up to the role of principal at Canajoharie Central School, a position he held for six years.

But, Sincavage said his biggest goal is to “put a smile on every child’s face.”

“Children are the number one reason we’re here and we have to give them the best opportunities to learn,” Sincavage said.

He said if he were to become the CV-S superintendent his first goal would be to know all 525 children on a first name basis. Sincavage said that he knows there are issues with literacy with some of the elementary grades.

Sincavage said he would use “high quality professional development” to get the teachers better prepared.

“Children need to be engaged the entire time they are in class,” Sincavage said. “If the class is 40 minutes, the teachers need to teach for the entire 40 minutes.”

He said one of his accomplishments was changing the culture of Canajoharie Central School to be a lot more positive.

“We were starting to tell the children what they were doing right instead of what they were doing wrong,” Sincavage said.

Sincavage said that he believes respect goes a long way.

“If there’s respect, children can take risks when learning because they aren’t afraid,” he continued.

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