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February 27, 2014

Fly Creek church to raise money with Indian food

They are breaking out the tandoori again in Fly Creek Saturday. 

The Fly Creek Methodist Church will host its eighth annual Taste of India fundraiser featuring a large Indian meal.

Co-organizer Meg Kiernan said that the response to the event has been positive. 

“They love it,” she said. “It’s something different than the usual chicken and biscuits (or) spaghetti dinner.”

Kiernan said the fundraiser had its origin in a potluck where everyone was asked to bring an Indian dish. The event was such a success that the participants decided to make a fundraiser out of it.

For the event, Kiernan said the organizers decorate the dining area, giving the space a restaurant feel.

“We make it authentic,” she said.

She said that the food is mostly vegetarian, although there is always a chicken dish. Some of the dishes being made for this year’s meal are saag paneer, which is made with spinach and Indian cheese; channa masala, a curry made with chickpeas; samosas, fried turnovers with spicy vegetable filling; and a cauliflower dish. Kiernan said there will also be lots of basmati rice, raita (an India yogurt sauce), chutneys and naan (Indian flat bread.) For desert, gulab jamon will be served, a dumpling-like sweet served in syrup.

Kiernan says that each person at the meal is given a plate with some of everything on it, although people can ask for seconds on a particular dish if they wish. 

The event takes place over two seatings, at 6 and 8 p.m. The suggested donation is $20. According to Kiernan, guests who want more food should go to the fundraiser’s second seating.

“Go to seating number two and you can have leftovers,” said Kiernan.

As for the spice content, Kiernan says that it is more focused on flavor than heat.

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