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March 6, 2014

Trustee critical of company's new CEO

Allstadt slams Exxon Mobil's Tillerson on 'hypocrisy'


“His comments in his lawsuit are very similar to the comments that I and others were making here in trying to get fracking bans passed,” Allstadt told The Daily Star.

This week, he sent Tillerson an open letter, questioning how the corporate titan could have his company promoting hydraulic fracturing while he is suing to stop a water tower that has been linked to potential drilling activities.

“No one should have to live near well pads, compression stations, incessant heavy truck traffic, or fracking water towers, nor should they have their water or air contaminated,” Allsadt wrote.

He added: “You and I love the places where we live, but in the end, if they are ruined by fracking or frack-water tanks, we can afford to pack up and go someplace else. However, many people can’t afford to move away when they can no longer drink the water or breathe the air because they are too close to one of your well pads or compressor stations.”

Allstadt’s letter was quickly put in wide circulation by anti-drilling activists. The letter was posted Thursday by the online news site and Allstadt was booked by the MSNBC television show Thursday night to discuss his attempt to open a dialogue with Tillerson.

From the other side of the drilling debate, John Holko, president of Lenape Industries, a gas drilling company that held leases in Otsego County, said Tillerson has every right to protect his real estate by bringing the lawsuit and shouldn’t be lectured by Allstadt.

“Filing a lawsuit can be a way to bring people to the table” and work out compromises, Holko said.

“If Lou Allstadt doesn’t like hypocrisy,” Holko continued, “he can turn in his car keys, turn off his lights and down his heat. He’s already made his money. He can be part of the solution or get out of the way.”

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