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December 19, 2013

CCS Quiz Team qualifies for multiple Nationals


BrainBusters was held using the NAQT format, a quiz bowl format that is new for the CCS Quiz Team.

“This is the first year we’ve actually competed in the NAQT matches,” said Iversen.

The NAQT format, like other quiz bowl formats, features a lock out buzzer systems, where students compete to be the first to correctly answer questions on academic subjects such as science, history and literature. The student who presses their buzzer first locks others out from answering. Matches are played by two teams going head to head.

The questions in the NAQT format are pyramidal, meaning that they contain multiple clues, and a team gets extra points for answering them early. If a team answers one of these tossup questions correctly they then get to answer a three part bonus question, which team members can confer among themselves about. If a team gets a tossup question wrong, however, the opposing team gets to hear the question in its entirety, which generally results in a correct guess from the other team. The team that guessed wrong also loses points. No points are lost when guessing wrong on a bonus question.

The team will compete next at the State University College at Oneonta on Jan. 7. There will be another tournament there in March, as well as a tournament at Tompkins Cortland Community College in March.

All three of these tournaments use the Questions Unlimited quiz bowl format, a faster format than the NAQT format according to Iversen. 

Iversen said that he believes that a strong performance at any of these three tournaments will qualify them for Questions Unlimited’s 2014 National Academic Championship, which CCS has been to for the last two years. CCS qualified for these tournaments by winning tournaments at SUNY Oneonta two years in a row.

Qualifying again this year would mean that CCS could choose to go to any of four national championships.

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