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January 2, 2014

Knight wins fourth geography bee


“I was pretty nervous when I missed my first question,” said Knight.

Knight managed to recover, however, making it to the final two.

Here he faced off against his friend and classmate, Pierce Snyder, who was the runner up in last year’s geography bee.

In this portion of the competition, both contestants errors were wiped. Knight and Snyder were then asked three questions, with the winner of the contest being the student who answered the greatest number correctly.

Both Knight and Snyder got the first two questions correct, so the judges decided to give them one that was more difficult. The question asked what country in Asia an indigenous people native to the Kunlun Mountains lived in.

Knight did not know the answer to the question, but he made an educated guess, and said China.

“I went with my gut and my instinct,” said Knight, saying that he believed China was a country big enough to hold many cultures.

Snyder answered Vietnam, but Knight’s answer was the correct one, and with that, Knight had his fourth geography bee title in four years.

“I thought everyone did a really good job,” said Knight, speaking of his fellow finalists in the geography bee, saying the competition was strong.

Knight will now be taking another geography test. If his results are among the 100 best scores of elementary and middle school geography bee champions in New York, and better than those of this year’s Cooperstown Elementary School Geography Bee Champion, Knight will be able to compete in this year’s New York National Geographic Bee.

Knight has qualified and competed in the state bee for the last three years. When he first qualified, he was the only fifth grader in the competition.

“The questions in a regional level are such a jump up,” said Knight, saying that they cover United States geography, global geography, cultural geography and how to read maps.

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