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March 13, 2014

Mayor, trustees address small forum crowd


Renert has been charged with attempted murder, burglary and assault in connection with a shooting incident at the Seventh Inning Stretch store in Cooperstown last December.

Weinberger’s campaign also involves advocating for the reorganization of the economy along the lines of a system of his own devising, as detailed in documents he has provided the Cooperstown Crier. He is a Republican.

Weinberger did not mention his campaign for mayor or the details of economic reform plan in his statement at Candidates Night.

After questions from the public, mayor Katz and the trustees were asked what committees they served on, as well as what were the most common issues that constituents brought to their attention. Roads were the number one concern that most of the trustees mentioned.

“We certainly learned something about the board,” said Maureen Murray, the events moderator, citing how the board talked about agreeing to disagree while still managing to accomplish a great deal.

“I’m always happy to tell anyone what we’re up to,” said Katz, when asked about the event. 

Noting that something has been made about the trustees all getting along, Katz credited their cooperation to having a civil process, saying that they still vehemently disagreed on some issues.

“It all works cause our general outlook is the same,” said Katz.

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