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March 27, 2014

Trustees enact one law, reject two others


“Make sure that everybody understands what this would do to the property,” said Hill.

In the public hearing, husband and wife Bill and Janet Rigby, who live near New York Pizzeria, expressed their concern with the expansion of the restaurant that, at the time, it seemed Proposed Local Law No. 4 would allow.

“Nowhere in there does it talk about limiting (the) amount of business,” said Janet Rigby. “The things that are problematic about its location are only going to get worse.”

In terms of problematic elements, Rigby cited the lack of parking, the frequency of garbage pickup, (which she said was loud enough to wake someone up from a sound sleep), and the litter she said the restaurant’s patrons leave in the neighborhood. She also said that the village had not been responsive to her and her husband’s complaints about the business and asked that, if the expansion takes place, that the town check back with New York Pizzeria to make sure it stays within the parameters of the three additional tables on the second floor that are being proposed.

Nevertheless, Rigby did say that she enjoyed living in a mixed neighborhood and that, “I really love having really great pizza a hundred yards from my door.”

For his part, Bill Rigby urged the board to also look at the consequences of changing the law.

“I can tell how good his  (the owner of New York Pizzeria) business is each week by how many times the garbage truck comes,” said Rigby, who did say that he hoped the business would stay. “I would ask the board to take a better look at nonconforming use law and get it right.”

The only other member of the public to speak at the hearing was Daniel Martin, who asked about Proposed Local Law No. 5, and its potential to raise taxes.

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