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March 27, 2014

Trustees enact one law, reject two others


Katz said that the measure was a precautionary one, to give the board the ability to raise property taxes above the cap if the need arose. He also said that this measure had been done twice before.

“In both instances where we have overridden the tax cap, we have not gone over 2 percent,” said Katz.

Katz also said that the projected budget for this year had a 0 percent increase in property taxes.

Martin looked to be satisfied by this explanation, and thanked Katz for it.

After the close of the public hearing, the board of trustees chose to tackle the proposed laws in the order that Katz characterized as most difficult to least: Proposed Local Law No. 5, Proposed Local Law No. 6 and Proposed Local Law No. 4.

Proposed Local Law No. 5 was passed unanimously without any debate. Proposed Local Laws No. 4 and No. 6, however, both provoked a significant amount of discussion.

While numerous aspects of the new sign law were discussed, in the end, the board decided to revisit the reforms to the sign law after incorporating some of the suggestions of the planning board. The board then brought Proposed Local Law No. 6 to a vote in order to vote it down unanimously.

Interestingly enough, much of the earlier discussion and input on Proposed Local Law No. 4 was rendered moot.

At the beginning of the debate, it was revealed by Trustee Cynthia Falk that New York Pizzeria is zoned as a mixed commercial and residential property. Thus, according to Falk and Village Attorney Martin Tillapaugh, as long as it maintains some amount of residential space, it can expand its commercial portion and did not need the proposed law to pass in order to begin its expansion.

“What they want to do is completely allowable by law … it just is,” said Katz.

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