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March 27, 2014

Trustees enact one law, reject two others


The same situation also applies to The Bank of Cooperstown, which had also been mentioned as a business to which the proposed law would apply. Like New York Pizzeria, the bank is free to expand its commercial portion, so long as it maintains a residential section.

This revelation also brought up a change in village law that was passed last year. Before, a residential section had to measure at least 600 square feet. The village chose to do away with this standard, however, in favor of adhering to the standards for apartments provided by the county and state. These standards, in regard to size, were not known by any attendees of the meeting, which was an object of concern to Trustee James Dean.

“County codes has its own rules for apartments, and we didn’t feel we should be in conflict with state regulations,” said Falk, in explaining last year’s decision.

“We gave up a known 600 for an unknown, who knows?” said Dean, who wondered whether the law should be revisited. “It’s a major change.”

Falk said that she would look into what the exact new standards were.

Still, even with the proposed law not applying to the Bank of Cooperstown and New York Pizzeria, Katz asked the trustees what they thought of it on its own merits.

“Is it beneficial to have nonconformings have more flexibility on the inside?” said Katz.

The prospect of changing the law was not met with much enthusiasm from the trustees. Indeed, trustee Lou Allstadt mentioned that the village’s economic development committee was tackling the issue of zoning, and that the issues brought up by the proposed law fell under this umbrella.

“Maybe it ought to be considered as a whole package,” said Allstadt.

The trustees voted against enacting Proposed Local Law No. 4, with Katz providing the lone dissenting vote.

“I actually still think it’s a good idea,” said Katz.

Among other business tackled at the March 24 meeting , the town approved permits for a number of upcoming summer events. These include the General Clinton Canoe Regatta, the STIHL Timbersports Professional Northeast Qualifier and the HOF Classic.

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