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May 22, 2014

The president's words at the HOF


So we’ve made progress, but here’s the thing -- too many Americans out there are still working harder than ever and can’t seem to get ahead.  And so we have to do more to spur growth and economic development, and create more jobs that pay a good wage.

We should be making it easier, not harder, for businesses to invest and create jobs here in the United States.  We should be making sure that people are rewarded for hard work and responsibility, rather than see their wages and salaries stagnate.  And we should be making it easier, not harder, for striving young students to afford the higher education that's going to be the key to a lot of 21st century jobs, and make sure that they can repay that loan debt that too often they’re taking on when they go to college.

There’s a new bill, by the way, being introduced in Congress in the coming weeks that’s going to really do more to make sure that college students are getting a fair shot.  Of course, unfortunately, we’ve got a Congress that all too often spends a few days blocking initiatives to create jobs and raise wages and help young people go to college.  They seem to be more interested in politics right now than performance.  And that’s a challenge.

I’ll work with anybody who’s focused on what we need to be focused on and what all the people who sent us to Washington are focused on, and that is how do we improve the economy and create more jobs.  But if Congress isn’t going to act, then I’m going to do whatever and any steps I can take to create jobs and opportunity for more working families.

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