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May 22, 2014

The president's words at the HOF


So far, we’ve seen, for example, the House Republicans blocked legislation that would raise America’s minimum wage.  So I’ve been working with states and cities and businesses to go ahead and raise their minimum wage anyway.  And I issued an executive order making sure that if you are contracting with the federal government, you’ve got to pay your workers a higher minimum wage -- at least $10.10 an hour -- because I believe that if you work full-time you shouldn’t be in poverty.

We saw Senate Republicans block an up-or-down vote on ensuring equal pay for women.  I went ahead and took action on my own to make it easier for women to find out whether they’re being treated fairly at the workplace and to be able to take action.

And when it comes to creating jobs, last week I was down in Tarrytown, where workers were able to break ground on the replacement of the Tappan Zee Bridge ahead of schedule because my administration fast-tracked that project and a lot of major projects across the country.  On Tuesday, I met with CEOs from around the world who are investing and hiring in America because we’ve made our country more competitive.

And today, I’m here in Cooperstown to talk about some new steps that will lead to more tourism not just within America but getting more folks to come and visit the treasures, the national treasures that we have all across this country, including the Baseball Hall of Fame right here in Cooperstown -- because tourism translates into jobs and it translates into economic growth.  When visitors come here, they don’t just check out the Hall.  They rent cars; they stay in hotels; they eat at restaurants.  And that means for Upstate New York, the Baseball Hall of Fame is a powerful economic engine.

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