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May 22, 2014

The president's words at the HOF


So just like we’re helping our businesses to sell more goods made in America in markets all across the world, we’re spending a lot of time and focus trying to make it easier for folks from around the world to come see America and spend money here.  Four years ago, I signed a law that set up a nonprofit organization with one mission, and that is to pitch America as a travel destination.  And two years ago, I went down to Disney World to announce new action to make it simpler for travelers to visit America, without compromising security at our borders.

And those efforts are paying off.  Since its low point after the recession, our travel and tourism industry has added nearly 580,000 new jobs.  Last year, a record 70 million tourists visited America from other countries –- more than the populations of Texas, Florida, and New York combined.  And they spent their money here.  No country on Earth earns more money from international tourism than we do.  And the growth of international tourism created about 175,000 new jobs over the last five years, and helped drive American exports to an all-time high.

So we’re making great strides in welcoming more visitors to America in places like Cooperstown, but we can do even better.  I want to turn the 70 million tourists that came last year into 100 million each year by the beginning of the next decade.  (Applause.)  And meeting that goal is going to help create jobs here in New York.

And that’s why, earlier today, I took new actions to meet that goal.  I met with several CEOs of travel and tourism companies, and building on the progress that we’ve made, I directed my administration to work with airports, airlines, hotel groups, states, and cities to do more to improve the traveler experience, and reduce wait times for folks entering into the United States, all without compromising our security.

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