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October 17, 2013

Cooperstown girls go to Washington to speak on 'R word'

Oneida's 'Change the Mascot' event aimed at NFL team


Said Greenberg, “that first Board of Education meeting was a little bit of a shock. I was surprised how devoted people were.

“I get that people are devoted to the school,” she continued. “I think that is a great thing in our community. But like Catherine said, it is the school you should be devoted to and not a nickname.”

Added Borgstrom, “It is still the same team. It is still the same school. It is still the same players. You don’t have to cheer for the R word. You can cheer for the athletes. You can cheer for your teammates. You can cheer for your friends. You can cheer for the kids. You can cheer for Cooperstown.”

Both girls said that they expect the nickname controversy to fade away again. They said they believe that one day the Washington football team will also change its nickname.

But now they back to their normal high school lives. Greenberg said she has applied to Columbia; Borgstrom said she is looking to go to school “someplace far away” and study industrial design. Both are involved in student government, the Leo Club and the school play. Greenberg is editor of the yearbook and a literary magazine she started. Borgstrom is swimming and diving this fall; her team is the first CCS squad to win a title as the Hawkeyes.

Neither girl said that they feel personal pride for the mascot change.

“I’m proud, but I’m not proud of myself, I’m proud of the community,” Borgstrom said. “There have been so many people who have stepped up, who have spoken up. People we never expected to get involved have said that they support this.”

“We just needed a little push,” Greenberg added. “When Hope and I brought this up, I didn’t think we could change anything. We just thought that we should speak up.”

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