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October 24, 2013


Cooperstown Central School’s Board of Education voted to put out a Dec. referendum for a 2014 Capital Improvement Project to be backed by a loan of not more than $6,6098,000. For full details and descriptions of projects see

The following is a list of projects under the plan:

Elementary School:

Main Parking Lot Redesign, Expansion and Reconstruction

Storm Drain Outfall Pipe

Sidewalk Replacement

Bus Loop Reconstruction

Exterior Lighting Replacement

Exterior Control Joint Reconstruction

Locker Room Locker Refurbishment

Floor Tile Asbestos Abatement

Library Carpet Replacement 

Exterior Door Replacement

Main Water Line Replacement

Booster Heater Replacement

Gym Lighting Replacement

Middle/High School: 

Propane Tanks, conversions

Oil Tank Removal

Bus Loop Sidewalk Replacement

Parking Lot Pavement Reconstruction

Main Parking Lot Sidewalk Replacement

Replace Water Main

Exterior Lighting Replacement

Bus Garage Water Line

Exterior Wall Restoration

Ceiling Replacement

Corridor Floor Replacement

Technology/Music Room Renovation

Boiler Replacement

Auditorium Stage Lighting Replacement

Bleacher Replacement

Gym Lighting Replacement

Kitchen Booster Heater Replacement

Hot Water Heater Replacement

Autism Classroom Toilet Room

Network Infrastructure Upgrades 

Bus Garage: 

Pavement Reconstructions

Roof Resurfacing

Exterior Masonry Painting

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