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December 20, 2012

Santa preparing for big night


“It is not always all about a list of items children want,” Santa said.

Keenan Murphy, 6, of Cooperstown brought Santa cookies he had helped bake and a card during his visit on Friday. He and Santa read his card out loud and in it was the question, “How do you give every child a present in one night?”

Santa asked the young boy if he knew anyone in California.

“Grandma,” said Keenan.

“What time do you think it is there right now?” Santa asked.

“Maybe 20 o’clock,” the boy responded.

This got a chuckle from Santa and the boy’s parents.

Santa then went on to explain how time zones work. The boy nodded his head as if he understood.

“I guess that all makes sense,” he said.

Some of the items being asked for by children on Friday included ice skates, MP3 players, drum sets, toy trains, bikes, iPods, BB guns and Wii games.

“Electronics are always a popular request,” Santa said. “I generally look at parents for some sort of approval since the gifts should not be too expensive and ought to be age-appropriate.”

There was a request for a real dog.

Santa said that would require a lot of responsibility and looked at mom and asked if the children were ready for all that?

She said she thought so.

The Jolly Old Elf also tries to teach the children to think of others, not just themselves.

“It amazes me how many do things for those who are less fortunate,” Santa said. “It is a very caring and passionate community.”

The Danes said they helped a family that faced loss of employment decorate for the holidays.

“It felt joyful to be able to help,” said Emma, 11, and her younger brothers George, 10, and William, 7.

“We wanted to make sure that the family would have a wonderful Christmas,” Emma added.

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