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January 10, 2013

Artists will stay Off Main


“She was considering doing a short-term seasonal rental,” Katz said. “That sounded perfect to me, and all of the sudden that was like a puzzle piece fitting together.”

Katz said everything happened rather quickly.

“We peeled wallpaper, painted and moved in,” she said.

A preview was held on Nov. 16 and a grand opening on Nov. 17.

“From the first day we moved everything in it seemed right. The three of us each brought in our own furniture and our own pieces, and everything seemed to fit perfectly,” Katz said.

Helgeson said the women have always talked about one day opening their own shop, especially whenever a business would go out of business.

“We would always tell one another, ‘oh, that space would be perfect for us to open our own shop,’” she said.

For now everything in the shop is made by the three women and most is sourced locally, according to Katz. Items range in price from $5 lip balm to large paintings that cost more than $1,000.

“Most of what we have is in the $20 to $75 range,’ Katz said. “The idea is not just to shop locally, but to shop locally for products that are handmade locally, which is not as easy to do as you may think.”

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