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January 24, 2013

CCS students attend inauguration


Pindar called the inauguration an “amazing experience.”

“It was still very crowded. We had to fight our way through the crowd and keep everybody together,” she said.

“It was quite an experience to stand there and be a part of living history. It was Martin Luther King Jr. Day and it is an African-American president being sworn in, so that is very historical itself that they could all witness that firsthand,” she added.

According to Pindar, the students sat in the first section of general public seating area.

“We had a great spot. We could see the Capitol and were right in front of the second Jumbotron,” she said.

Cooperstown sophomore Emily Stephenson said she has been to the nation’s capital countless times on family trips, but has never been there for something as big as the president’s inauguration.

“Things started getting crazy on inauguration day,” she said. “Our wake-up call was at like 4 in the morning and we were all like zombies getting out of bed.”

According to Stephenson, students thought it was funny when Pindar told them they needed to hitch onto one another so that they would not be separated. However, she said Pindar was giving good advice because people were trying to tear through the crowd. 

“The first 20 minutes or so of walking was not too bad, but after that, it was crazy because there were so many of us,” she said. “We were all bundled up because it was cold that morning.”

It got to a point where it was hard not to question how much more walking was going to required, and it was such a relief when the Capitol building came within view, Stephenson said. 

Once the students arrived at their destination, Stephenson said they all immediately put down trash bags and laid in a heap on top of one another to keep warm. 

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