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November 15, 2012

Olympian shares can-do attitude


Patience is something people acquire over time, according to Groff, who highly recommends it as a key to success. 

“Patience and hard work over time equals results,” she said. “I am absolutely living proof of that.”

Consistency and years of hard work pay off, she added. 

“I know that the idea of years of hard work when pursuing a goal seems staggering, but if you love what you do, the time goes by quickly. Honestly, I feel like it was just yesterday I was hanging out in those seats with you trying to keep my eyes open listening to somebody come on stage.”

Groff said she never had the chance to have someone who grew up in Cooperstown stand on stage and say, “Hey you know what? You guys can do it too.” 

So what is in Groff’s future? She said she has four or five years to improve and become an even better triathlete. 

“I know I have room to grow when it comes to running,” she said. “I hope to get back to the Olympics and make it on the podium next time. I will have bigger expectations.”

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