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October 25, 2012

Paranormal acts spook Cooperstown

Legend has it that sounds of ghostly children have been heard running up and down the third floor hallway of the Otesaga Resort Hotel.

This is just one story that has been told about the historic landmark, and other sites in Cooperstown. 

The village has become known for its paranormal activity in part because of the SyFy channel’s television series “Ghost Hunters.”

In 2010, lead ghost hunters Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson brought researchers to check out the sights and sounds firsthand. Some of their experiences were featured on the show. However, Cooperstown has had a lot more spooky happenings, according to Cooperstown Candlelight Ghost Tours guide Bruce Markusen.

While Markusen’s tours include a discussion of the ghost hunter’s experiences, he also tells stories of traditional locations such as the Christ Episcopal Church graveyard, the houses of Byberry Cottage, Greencrest and Pomeroy Place and the haunted Otsego Lake. 

He tells the stories of a few famous residents who continue to “live” in Cooperstown even though they’ve been dead for more than 150 years.

The Otesaga has a long history of hauntings, according to Markusen, who has been providing ghost tours since 2004. He says there has been paranormal activity on the ground, first, third and fifth floors of the hotel and some believe the phenomenon is connected to the site’s history.

From 1920 until 1954, the hotel was also a private girl’s school known as the Knox School for Girls. 

According to a former cocktail waitress, she would sometimes hear a low monotone voice slowly calling her name while working in the Glimmerglass Room. She said other staff would hear their names called as well.

A security officer has said he has heard people walking above him on the second and third floors. He clams he has also heard a music box between the second and third floors.

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