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October 25, 2012

Paranormal acts spook Cooperstown


Investigators took their equipment and searched for life forms from beyond to see if they could provide any answers or clarification to the claims.

Hawes said the HOF is full of artifacts and many of them are from those who are not living anymore, so it would make sense to find paranormal activity in a place of its kind.

“One of the theories is that the spirits can attach their energy to an object that played such an important roll in their life,” he said.

While investigating the 19th Century Room, Ghost Hunters investigators tried to entice the ghosts from baseball’s past to come out and speak about the game and provide tips and lessons.

While doing this, Hawes thought he heard a noise that sounded like a “gurgle or something similar to that.”  Investigators stopped to try to record the sound, but were not sure if it would be a success because the noise was subtle.

While investigating the Ted Williams exhibit, investigators thought they saw a full size shadow moving down the hall way. Investigators chased the shadow as they saw it go into the 19th Century Room. When they reached the end of the hall, they looked around to see if another investigator was there and saw nobody.

Investigators Amy Brui and Kris Williams thought they heard the sound of a door opening and closing while looking over the third floor. They decided to open and shut nearby doors to see which ones sounded the most like what they had heard. The women determined it must have been the men’s restroom. Williams said that conclusion made sense because most artifacts in museum belong to male baseball players or managers and the idea of them walking in and out of the men’s restroom instead of the women’s room would not be that out of the ordinary. The women set up a camera on the door in case it happened again.

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