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October 25, 2012

Paranormal acts spook Cooperstown


Investigators Britt Griffith and K.J. McCormick tried their luck in the Plaque Gallery.

McCormick thought he saw a movement in the corner of his eye and heard sounds that indicate that someone may be moving around. The investigators said they are unsure if the sounds and sights could be coming form a former ballplayer or fan.

Griffith then thought he heard a high-pitched sound so the men decided to sit down and be quiet to see if they can hear more. They heard what sounds like a scream of some sort. They get out a recorder to see if they can pick up the sound.

During the “Reveal,” a sit down with Idelson at the end of the show to report the finings, Wilson said the area where the employee felt a presence when vacuuming had a high electromagnetic field. This can make a person feel creeped out, he explained. Investigators were not able to catch the shadow on video, but were able to determine that nobody else was in the area during the time of the sighting.

“Well at least we know it occurred,” Idelson said.

Wilson said upon investigating the Plaque Gallery, the team realized real quickly that the room is built like a cathedral designed to project the voices of speakers. He said investigators heard a voice, but it was too rough to “clean up.”

Audio from the sound of what was thought to be from a door opening and shutting was presented to Idelson. As he listened, Idelson said he “definitely” heard the noise. “I don’t know what to make of that,’’ he said.

While on the second floor and getting ready to exit, investigators heard a noise that sounded like a female’s voice that showed up during analysis.Wilson said the team typically looks for full words and sentences, but because it was the only experience in that location and because they had documentation of it, he thought it was worth showing to Idelson.

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