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January 3, 2013

Cooperstown graduate making it on the diamond

Phil Pohl shares his ups and downs along the way


According to Pohl, the self questioning of who else was putting in the same kind of efforts as him is what gave him the ambition to get out of bed each morning and work toward his dream. 

“If I wanted to be an average, just a normal high school athlete, I would have woke up and came to school and then maybe gone to the gym once or twice a week. I did not want to be the normal though. I wanted to be above average. I wanted to stand out,” he said. 

Another thing Pohl did to pursue his passion on the diamond was give up other sports. As a freshman at CCS he played three sports — varsity football and junior varsity baseball and basketball. During his sophomore year Pohl cut back to football and baseball, and after that went to being an “exclusive baseball guy.”

“I remember talking to, I think it was Mr. Snyder, as a senior. He said he remembered when I said I didn’t want to play other sports. He said when I told him that he was kind of upset because he thought I would just go home and take those two seasons off and once baseball season came around just kind of show up and play. That was pretty much the exact opposite of what I did.”

According to Pohl, he used the time to go to Syracuse and work on his baseball skills and joined a fall league and was able to travel with the team. If it was not for that, Pohl said he probably would not have been noticed.

The experience also opened his eyes. Pohl said when traveling south and a little bit out west, he realized there were athletes much younger than him playing at a higher level. 

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