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January 3, 2013

Cooperstown graduate making it on the diamond

Phil Pohl shares his ups and downs along the way


He admits there was a time when he could not wait to get out of high school and move on. 

“I was ready for something different, but looking back at it now, Cooperstown had so much to offer me. It still has so much to offer you.” he said. 

If playing baseball was not possible for Pohl, he said he would stay connected to the game somehow. Pohl said he has spent the last couple years coaching at youth camps. 

“That to me is truly rewarding,” he said. “Right now I am helping coach a winter program up in Syracuse … I can see myself, maybe after my baseball career is done, maybe staying in coaching.”

Pohl was asked what team he would play for if he had the choice. He joked and said he had to say Oakland or else he would be fired. But realistically, Pohl said, the organization is a perfect fit for an aspiring athlete because it uses its minor league system a lot and moves young players up to improve its major league team. It is not a big budget team like the Red Sox or Yankees, Pohl explained. 

“I think I have a pretty good chance of moving up compared to others in my situation,” he said.

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