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January 17, 2013

Schools facing financial insolvency

Local administrators talk about tough road ahead


What is happening, according to Livshin, is the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

Another issue local school districts have been facing is declining enrollments.

Livshin said BOCES puts out a sheet that goes back 20 to 25 years that shows the peak enrollments of all the component districts.

“Back when I began in ‘97, I think there were maybe 11,000 kids within the component districts and now it is almost below 8,000. Take a look at Cooperstown, they are below 1,000 kids. When I first came here there were 1,300 or 1,400 kids. When I first came to Milford we had close to 600 now we are down to about 460. The real hit came with Cherry Valley back around the year 2000 when they had so many kids they were a C school, which meant they had 1,200 to 1,300 kids and within like two years they were down to about 700. Now they are down to five to six hundred students,” he said.

The Milford Board of Education has extended Livshin’s contract through June 30, 2016. He said he is glad to be back for another three years.

“I really wanted it,” he said. “I just was not ready to retire and I didn’t want somebody coming in here who was going to have to face our version of the fiscal cliff. We have gotten through some good times here, but we are headed toward some real hard times and I didn’t want anyone walking in here to that.”

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