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January 24, 2013

Teacher aspiring to be a school administrator


Milford science teacher Kevin Stevens has been serving as an administrative intern at the district since June. Now that his six-month experience is over, he hopes to become a building leader at a local school.

“I have had different leadership positions in the school through different committees and through the union. I have enjoyed all of those things and have done some other things in the community also. The next step for me, that makes sense, is to expand on that and really see if that was a direction that I wanted to go into,” Stevens said.

“It is. I really like it,” he continued. “I love schools, the students and I really like how the whole school community works together in building that environment to create opportunities for teachers and students. That is really what I would like to focus on. I want to go a little bit beyond the classroom.”

Stevens, who has been a science teacher for about 15 years, will be eligible for certification next month. He said he plans to stay in the area. Leaving was never an option (his wife works at the district where his children also attend), he said.

“I have always wanted to work in a rural school,” he said. “I think these K-12 rural schools are unique places.”

Stevens said he believes there will be lots of opportunities for him as he searches for a job because there are so many small rural schools

“I am getting a degree in school leadership, and the program that I am in prepares me to become either a district leader, which is like a superintendent or a building leader, which is like a principal-level position,” Stevens said.

Stevens said he decided to participate in Binghamton University’s 27-month program rather than completing studies online so that he would have better networking opportunities with people in the field.

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