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February 28, 2013

Cooperstown CrossFit's fundraiser is a success

Cooperstown Crier

---- — On Saturday, Feb. 16, 15 athletes walked through the doors of Cooperstown CrossFit for a special workout. The event that morning, “Hope for Kenya,” represented the peak of a continuing global fundraising initiative benefiting school construction and nutritional and sanitation projects in an impoverished region in Kenya. 

As of Monday, Feb. 18 the global CrossFit community had raised nearly $250,000 for the cause.

”Two hundred-twelve CrossFit affiliates from around the globe are participating, and right now Cooperstown CrossFit is in 28th place in the fundraiser,” Cooperstown CrossFit owner Dan Murdock said. “I’m proud that a small gym like ours has been able to do so much. We’ve raised nearly $1,000 and the donations continue to come in.”

CrossFit, Inc. devotes 100 percent of the funds raised in “Hope for Kenya” to sustainable projects in a 250-square-mile region surrounding Mombasa. The area is prone to drought and suffers from poor access to fresh water, a lack of educational opportunity and nearly stone-age agricultural practices. With help from CrossFit, the area residents are building schools and rainwater collection systems and learning how to improve their farming practices. The village of Dzendereni was one of the first to build a new CrossFit-funded school. Since the completion of the school, attendance has more than tripled.

”Prior to CrossFit’s funding, boys went to school and girls spent their days hauling water from rivers and streams miles from home. One outcome of the CrossFit initiative is that girls now have the freedom to attend school and are doing so in increasing numbers,” Murdock said. “It’s a great feeling knowing that our gym in upstate New York is helping families on the other side of the world to build a more-secure future. Thanks to the participation of our members, and sponsorship from Cooperstown-area businesses, we have made a significant contribution to this program.” 

Cooperstown CrossFit thanks The Lemon Tree Shop, Cooperstown Wine & Liquors, Cooperstown Optical, Revolution Solar, Cooperstown Natural Foods and Artists Off Main for their generous support in sponsoring  the fundraiser.

Cooperstown CrossFit opened in August, and offers daily workouts and skill training. Members attain proficiency in a variety of gymnastics, calisthenics and strength-training modes. Nutritional and goal-setting skills are a significant part of the program.  For more information, visit or call 267-1794.