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February 28, 2013

Village approve parking, snow removal changes


The board also delayed taking action on a proposal to change zoning laws on tourist accommodations. The zoning board is considering proposals to limit tourist accommodations based on street frontage and lot size.

Planning Board Chair Charlie Hill and zoning enforcement officer Tavis Austin have compiled a spread sheet of all known short-term rentals in Cooperstown and presented it to the trustees on Monday. According to their report, about 5 percent, or 41, of the houses in the village are for short-term rentals.

The initial planning board recommendation is for short-term rentals to have at least 70 feet of street frontage and .275 acres of land. Nearly half of the properties on the list do not meet those requirements. In addition, at least five do not have proper permits based on current laws.

According to Katz, the intent of the changes is to encourage long-term rentals and to establish a district for short-term rentals. However, Hill recommended the board take time to consider the impact of changing the law. There are 17 properties on the list that don’t meet the requirements, but do ave the permits to run as short-term rentals.

“If you adopt the new law with a sunset provision, then those 17 businesses would have to go in five years, and I am not sure that that’s your intention,” he said.

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