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November 21, 2012

Back in the sticks

Ranch combines recreation, tourism and agriculture


There are still a few dirt roads left in the area.

Bedbug Hill Road in Fly Creek is one of them. It is narrow and lined with woods on both sides. Nestled a few miles down the what looks more like a dirt path than a road is something most people would probably not expect to stumble upon — a rather large ranch with a guest house and spa.

B&B Ranch is a country inn with lots to offer including a farm-to-table restaurant, stables for horseback riding and boarding, private hunting grounds, a full-service spa and wellness center, banquet facilities and a buyers club. It is also a community supported agricultural farm that produces livestock for its restaurant and for those who support the project, livestock and farm.

Owner “Babe” Giombetti pulled out a business card that featured a logo of green and yellow plate along with a fork and knife while describing what his newly formed business is all about. It stands for agricultural tourism, he explained. 

“Anywhere you go in Europe, and you see this version of this green and yellow plate with a fork and knife, that means it is a working farm of combinations. So what we are doing here is carrying on the tradition from Northern Italy. And quite frankly given the shift to the local food movement here and agricultural tourism here, we thought the time was perfect to bring back what old is new again — what has been going on in Europe for decades. We are just capitalizing on those trends,” he said. 

On the ranch is a herd of Piedmontese (a breed of cattle from the region of Piedmont, in north-west Italy). Spanish meat goats, Berkshire pigs and a large number of horses.

The ranch opened in July and is a year-round business. However, there is a kicker — it is a members-only facility. 

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