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November 29, 2012

Adoption Month brings awareness of children in need of homes

Six months ago, a Milford couple adopted two 2½-year-olds from China — a girl and a boy who were born only 11 days apart in age. 

Year’s ago, Rico and Karen Agostino had a hard time conceiving. According to Karen, the couple went through some adoption classes and fell in love with the idea. 

“We were so close and about there, picking out which country to adopt from, and the next thing we knew I was pregnant. That kind of put it on the back shelf.”

Since initially thinking about adoption, the Agostinos have had two children biologically. They had a girl, Grace, who is 9 years old, and a boy, Ben, who is 7 years old. However, Karen said, the desire to adopt never went away.

“We are kind of older. We are two people in our 40s adopting two toddlers, but it just felt like our family was not complete. We still felt like we needed to do this,” she said, “and now it feels complete.”

Karen said there are numerous children like their adopted toddlers, Maya and Hu, who need homes.

“There are just so many kids in this world, and I cannot imagine having more than two biologically. I always wanted a big family, it just did not seem right not to adopt with all the kids that need homes.”

Both kids have special needs, but are minor, according to Karen. Maya has Erb’s palsy, a paralysis of the arm caused by injury to the upper group of the arm’s main nerves. Hu has had a cleft lip and palate repair. 

“Both are actually doing great, but there are so many over there with special needs because they are abandoned because parents don’t have the resources, the money to repair these physical disabilities,” Karen said.

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