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December 6, 2012

Shop offers locally homemade goods


Katz makes jewelry and sells it at the various venues.

“I’m always carrying my jewelry around to different shops trying to get them to sell it. They are always great about it, and we always go to these shows. I wanted to do less of that. Having a shop, having a fixed location is something I have dreamed about,” Katz said. 

She likes to go antiquing and uses items in her craftswork. Katz said she tries to antique locally to help the local economy the best that she can. 

The shop offers a variety of gift boxes so customers can make customized gift selections. They can start a gift registry. Also available are pre-made gift boxes that include a knitted leaf ornament, a small jar of honey and hair clips for $25. 

Artists Off Main is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day but Sundays. The artists said they have been open seven days a week, but business has been slow on that day of the week, so they are going to stick with the trend of the other businesses in the Commons and close up shop on Sundays.

As far as the other days of the week, the business partners said, business has been great. So much so, that the women said they have felt a “little freaked out.”

“What happens is we sell stuff off the shelves and have to go home and make more items to fill the shelves. We find ourselves wondering where the time is going to come from,” Katz said. “We will have to get more creative if we continue to run the shop past the holiday season.”

Katz said she has put together a little traveling jewelry-making kit so she can be productive while sitting behind the counter at the shop. Helgeson said she does computer work that she does not want to do at home while at the shop. 

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