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June 20, 2013

Church members bid farewell to reverend and his wife

Reception celebrates a decade of service


Deb Samuel said they’ve had a wonderful time in Cooperstown. She has nothing but love for the members of the church, she said.

“We love them, they’re like family,” Deb Samuel said. “It’s not like we’ve just been members of the same church for the last 10 years; we’ve been members of each others’ lives.”

“For the past 10 years we’ve shared all of the big moments with their families; weddings, baptisms, funerals, all those things that families do,” she continued.

Many church members echoed the same sentiment, that the Samuels had become a part of their family. They also commented on Deb’s children’s sermons.

“Deb does children’s sermons that are delightful,” said Hanson.

Barbara Monie said she has two grandchildren that love Deb.

“Her children’s sermons are so good and she’s so connected to the children,” Monie said.

Her eldest grandson has grown up knowing the Samuels and has even advocated for his 2-year-old brother to participate in the children’s sermons on Sundays, she said.

Deb Samuel teaches Sunday school to middle school through high school aged children and also does the children’s sermon for children “as soon as they can walk through middle school.”

Deb Samuel said above all else, she will miss telling the kids stories and teaching Sunday school.

There are more than 200 members of the United Methodist Church, but there are many more that aren’t members that attend the sermons on Sundays, said Smith.

The Rev. William Delia will replace Sundar Samuel; this past Sunday was his last time giving a sermon for the Cooperstown church.

“I feel a lot of mixed emotions, but it’s a good thing,” Sundar Samuel said. “Transitions are hard, but they’re good.”

Sundar Samuel explained that in moving to a different church it gives him and the members of the church a chance to grow spiritually. He said it would be selfish of him to stay with these very generous people and not give someone else a chance to get to know them.

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