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June 12, 2014

Visitors express pride in anniversary

After years of protecting history and memorializing talented baseball players, the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is celebrating its 75 anniversary this weekend. 

The museum was founded on Jun. 12, 1939 and a Cooperstown local luminary, Homer Osterhoudt, was there for its opening day.

Osterhoudt is well known in the Cooperstown community for attending 66 of 69 inductions. He is an avid baseball fan and can be seen at many of the HOF events.

He will be at the Bullpen Theater in the HOF today at 1 p.m. along with Howard Talbot and Catherine Walker for the Memories of Opening Day Roundtable to answer questions about the historical aspect of Cooperstown. 

He said Cooperstown in now a tourist destination that people seek out and a big reason for that is the HOF.

“It’s made a big difference in terms of tourism and it has just grown and grown since 1939,” Osterhoudt said.

Nancy Morningstar, of Massachusetts, who was visiting Cooperstown for the week, said it is important to preserve the baseball traditions of the past.

“It’s America’s game and if we don’t have someplace that’s dedicated to it we might lose that history,” Morningstar said.

She also said that it sets an example for young people who live in an “electronic world” that they too can safeguard things for the future.

“We show the next generation that someone has preserved this, making future generations consider what they can preserve,” Morningstar said.

The museum also inspires the dreams of future baseball Hall of Famers, said Matt Patrick of California, visiting Cooperstown with his son’s baseball team for a tournament at the Cooperstown Dreams Park.

“It reminds the younger generations of what they can accomplish,” Patrick said.

Mary Welcome of Chicago said it is important to preserve the sport of baseball because it is a great American tradition.

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