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October 4, 2012

MCS hosts presentations on 'Dignity'


Milford —

"Youth seem to have an infatuation with celebrity-ism. They can get that feeling when presenting themselves on Facebook and other social media platforms. However, when you make the world a stage by putting yourself out there in network spaces for all to see, you may become a celebrity, but as with all celebrity-ism, there are people who will take nasty shots at you," she said.

Other social networking sharing advice provided by Allen included:

* Never share a Facebook username and passwords with anyone except a parent.

* Don't vent, criticize or attack anyone via text, Tweet, or Facebook because even if it is deleted it can still be attained.

* Don't post anything on a social networking site or a blog that you would not want your grandmother, parents or principal to see. It lasts forever and the consequences of bad judgment now can follow you for your whole life. Ask yourself, will this hurt my chances of getting into college or getting a job if an admissions officer or an employer sees it.

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