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July 25, 2013

'Furthur' anger expressed


“I like to preach tolerance,” she continued, “and I felt Cooperstown was very tolerant. In addition, after the weekend was over there was not one drop of garbage on our lawn, which is not what I’d be able to say after some baseball weekends.”

At the start of the meeting, Katz read a statement about the concert.

“I’ve spoken to a wide variety of people and the opinions range from ‘This one was hit out of the park’ to ‘this past weekend’s disgraceful event.’ From merchants I’ve heard both positive and negative comments, including that some did well,” he said in his statement.

Katz said that with about 6,000 tickets sold, the village will make $11,000 plus another $1,200 from local ticket sales. After a $1,000 donation to the Cooperstown Emergency Medical Squad, plus overtime for various municipal workers, the village will clear several thousand dollars on the event. A donation — based on a percentage of food and beverages sales —  from the promoter, Magic City Productions of Endicott, will go to the Cooperstown Fire Department.

Cooperstown Police Chief Mike Covert said the village made nine arrests for illegal drugs and EMS sent nine people to Bassett Medical Center for drug-related problems. In addition, Covert said the state police, on a routine traffic stop of a suspicious van on the day of the show, arrested a man for possession of 270 hits of LSD.

“There was no allowing of drugs,” Covert said. “My problem was I had to pick and choose my fights because I have a force of seven officers. But we had police here from the county and the state. They were all on the perimeter and they did all of the buckle up checks, the DUI checks, cell phone violations, just like they do when there is a concert at Ommegang.”

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