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July 25, 2013

'Furthur' anger expressed


“I know there were complaints about the smell of marijuana at the concert, but that is not just at Furthur. That is at any concert. If you went to the Sugarland concert, you could smell marijuana there too, and I know that for a fact because I went to that concert,” he said.

Covert said that his officers tried repeatedly to stop the illegal sale of alcohol, which several merchants complained about. 

“We told them that they could not sell it unless they had a tax license and permit,” he said.

After the meeting, Katz said that his overall impression of the weekend was that it went well, but he acknowledged that not everyone shared his assessment.

“It is not that it was without incident, and we were aware of the incidents,” he said, “but that overall it went pretty well.

“I was trying to think of what the reaction would have been if we did not have the concert,” he added. “This was the only concert that we were offered this year. Can you imagine the reaction if we turned it down and that got out? People would have been yelling that in a year with a low turnout expected for Induction Weekend, how could we turn down an opportunity to have a concert like this? So it was a no-win situation with some people, and we knew that.”

In other news, the trustees set two public hearings for their Aug. 26 meeting. The first will be about setting a standard for the size of parking spaces in the business districts. The second will look at amending vending laws, a big priority for Katz.

“A few years ago, a merchant said something that really struck me,” he said, “when he said that the times we as a village are supposed to look our best, we look our worst.”

Katz said he hopes that he and the trustees can get feedback from the merchants about how to allow more outside vending while “matching the aesthetics we are looking for with the commercial interests.”

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