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April 11, 2013

Student, public polls to offer feedback on four mascot choices

Deerslayers gets ax; Huskies replaces Wolves


It is possible a final decision will be made at Wednesday’s CCS BOE meeting.

“The board will know the students' vote by Friday and the community vote by the end of Monday,” Hebert said. “I don’t want to put words into anyone’s mouth. But they will have all the information available to them before the next board meeting.”

Borgstrom said that he has heard a variety of opinions on the name change, and understands that some feelings are still raw.

“I have heard all of those things from people,” he said. “There have been plenty of people who have said it was not enough time and that it is still not enough time. But we are trying to give people time and give people an opportunity to participate.”

CCS Hawkeyes is a distinction from the Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League team the Cooperstown Hawkeyes who have indicated to CCS board members that they would share the nickname as long as it was marketed differently. 

Hawkeyes, Pioneers and Pathfinders come from James Fenimore Cooper’s five-novel Leatherstocking Tales, two of which are titled “The Pathfinders” and “The Pioneers.”

Hawkeye is the most popular of the many names Cooper gave to Natty Bumppo, the white man who grew up with the Delaware. A character in all five novels, Bumppo is given the name in the 1841 novel “The Deerslayers” after he kills a member of a rival Huron tribe, replacing his previous nickname, Deerslayer. Pathfinder and Leatherstocking were also names for Bumppo.

Borgstrom said that the board wants to make the decision quickly while still allowing everyone time to react. “I think everyone realizes that only the board can make the decision,” he said. “I think one thing we have seen through this process is we need to take each step and then we need to see about reactions. So this is the next step and then we will wait and see the reaction from the students, alumni, staff and residents.

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