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May 29, 2014

Dear Mr. President,

Dear President Obama,

I would like to see the White House.

Do you go on vacation? Did you build the White House?

Is being president hard? How long a day do you have to work?

I go to elementary school. I’m in 2nd grade. Soon I will be on vacation!

Have you ever been to Cooperstown before?

In school, I am learning about the pictograph. It is fun!

Do you like being president? Is First Lady Obama coming with you?

I hope you have a good time in Cooperstown.

Sincerely, Cate Bohler


Dear President Obama,

How is Bo doing?

Are you coming to Cooperstown Elementary School?

How many days off do you get?

What does the White House look like? How many rooms do you have?

How are Sasha and Malia?

How many Secret Service agents do you have?

Can you please try to stop fighting in Syria?

Thank you, President Obama. I hope you enjoy Cooperstown. I hope you and your kids have fun at the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Sincerely, Ellie Cooper


Dear President Obama,

How many days do you get off?

What does the White House look like and how many floors does it have?

How do you celebrate your birthday in the White House and is it hard being the President?

It is a good place in Cooperstown. I hope you have a good time here. If you have time, I hope you can visit the school.

I also want to know how many more years you have.

Can you also send me some pictures of you?

From, Troy Davis

Dear President Obama,

How are things going in Washington D.C.? How big is the White House? I bet it is really big.

Do you have days off? What kind of work do you do?

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