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August 29, 2013

Area family puts wood to work


According to the American Chestnut Foundation, “The chestnut lumber industry was a major sector of rural economies. Chestnut wood is straight-grained and easily worked, lightweight and highly rot-resistant, making it ideal for fence posts, railroad ties, barn beams and home construction, as well as for fine furniture and musical instruments.”

It takes an artist to match the grains and finish of old wood so that a repair blends with the original woodwork.

“Adam’s brought so much to the business,” Omland said. “He brings a youthful enthusiasm and energy, but also he is an artist. He likes to do the custom work, to create something that is unique. He is a member of the Oneonta Artisan’s Guild. You can see some of his pieces there.”

Omland and Scudder still do many repair and finishing work jobs on bowling alleys and shuffle boards in the area, but most of their work is custom cabinetry and furniture work.

Scudder gets excited about the creative end of the business, while Omland tends to talk about the practical jobs.

“We refinish floors,” Omland said. “In apartments, we can do a light finish that does not create the dust and it is not as costly as a full refinishing job. But we have a lot of business in full refinishing too. When people go to sell their house, refinishing the floors makes a difference. It is a big selling point — hardwood floors. Or if there is radiator damage, or if the floors haven’t been done in a while. It really makes a house nice when the floors are done.”

In addition to restoration and custom work, the pair also builds decks and renovates kitchens.

“If it’s, wood we do it,” Scudder said.

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