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September 12, 2013

'Draping the Pews' event to feature homemade quilts

By Meghan McCaffrey Contributing Writer
Cooperstown Crier

---- — On Saturday, the Fly Creek Methodist Church will host its third annual non-juried quilt show “Draping the Pews.” 

The Fly Creek Methodist Quilters will be displaying their work and invite others in the community to bring their quilts and share in this event, which will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Fly Creek Methodist Quilters meet once a week at the church from May through October to cut, sew and pin quilts for local charities and organizations. Many of the quilts are “scrap quilts” and demonstrate what can be done with bits and pieces of the fabric, Gail Olin, a member of the club, said in a press release about the event.

The Methodist Quilters make lap-size quilts for the Oxford Veteran’s Home and Otsego Manor. The group also makes “binky” blankets and “Huggie dolls” for children in social services.

“It is charity quilting. We do it for others,” Olin said.

Dora Cooke, a fellow member of the club, said she enjoys making the lap-size quilts for seniors and children. She said she thinks about how maybe the quilts are given to a child that’s going to court or is going through a hard time.

“It gives them something to hug,” Cooke said.

“We do this for a feel good feeling,” Cooke continued. “This gives us something to do to help other people.”

There will also be a donation basket for those who wish to make a cash donation to the Cooperstown Food Pantry. Last year the group raised $100 for the food pantry and the goal is to raise more this year, according to Olin.

“The purpose of this show is to share the charity quilting we do all summer long,” Olin said.

“There’s no charge, we just want to showcase people’s quilts,” she added.

One quilt is available to purchase in a “silent” auction. The Irish Chain quilt is a collaborative effort that everyone in the club helped to make. Sharon Chambers, a member of the club who did much of the work herself, donated the fabric for the quilt.

Chambers said the event is an exhibition of their talent.

“It’s a way for quilters to get together and it’s a way for us to show what we’ve made for the Oxford Home and for the children,” Chamber said.

Chambers said she joined the club because she loves to quilt and also likes to do charitable works for others. She began quilting 25 years ago, but started to quilt more regularly when she retired six years ago.

“It’s fun to get together with other quilters. We learn from each other and see what each other have made,” Chambers said.

Cooke, who has been quilting for 20 years, said she joined the club because she likes the companionship of others who like to quilt.

“We like to show what we’ve done. We hope people come and look at the quilts. They’re pretty when they’re all laid out,” Cooke said.

For more information about the “Draping the Pews” event, or if anyone wants to bring a quilt to share, contact Olin at 435-2946.