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November 15, 2012

Tips to finding local jobs offered

Step inside businesses around Otsego County and see if there are jobs to be filled. A surprising number are looking to hire. 

With all the talk about jobs and unemployment leading up to the presidential election, that answer often leads people to scratch their heads. If businesses are looking for employees then why did the state Department of Labor find that the unemployment rate for Otsego County this past September was 7.2 percent?

“There are usually a good amount of opportunities out there. It just may not align with your wants and needs at that time,” Christian Harris, New York state labor market analyst for Otsego County, said. “It may be a personal (preference) or more than likely, a skills mismatch.”

“Something that’s very surprising to individuals is if it’s not right in front of their face they think there’s no opportunity, but sometimes it’s right around the corner, if you investigate a little further,” Harris added. 

Jennifer Smallin of Bassett Hospital said she has discovered the same thing. This past week, Smallin was representing Bassett at the College and Career Day that was organized for the Career and Technical Education students at Otsego Area Occupational Center.

“It’s good for us to also clear up any misconceptions that kids have about health care,” Smallin said when talking about the event. “They think ‘I don’t want to be a doctor.’  ‘I don’t want to be a nurse.’  That’s not all health care is. There are other opportunities for anybody.”

“Something that is new is a lot of jobs in the technical field — IT,” Elva Manee said. “The medical record being electronic has created a whole new group of people who work in the hospital. Every time we come up with new imaging there’s a new specialty for the people to do those studies. We continue to need physical therapists and pharmacists and occupational therapists.”

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