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January 23, 2014

AWS and Associates helps elderly preserve independence


She also says that a major goal of the process is to arrange for services that allow her clients to be independent.

When a client is suffering from dementia, Williams said she still works for the client and advocates for the client’s interests, but also maintains regular contact and consults with the person who has been given the client’s power of attorney.

Williams said that she often deals with family disputes in her line of work  and said she does a lot of mediation between family members.

“I set up with each family who’s going to be the main spokesperson,” said Williams. “I can’t have 50 calls a day from one family.”

The spokesperson is then kept regularly updated about the status of their relative.

“At least two to three times a week I talk to the spokesperson,” said Williams. “Some I talk to every day.”

The most challenging cases for Williams, however, are when a client doesn’t have a readily available support system, familial or otherwise. In these circumstances, Williams said she assumes the duties of caregiver, geriatric care manager and adopted family member.

“I take that support system on myself,” said Williams, who said she doesn’t do anything for a client that she wouldn’t do for her 86-year-old mother.

Williams also said that owning her own business has allowed her to offer her clients more options than she could when she was working as a case manager for other companies

“They can pick and choose (the options they want),” said Williams.

Williams says that her case load, and the number and types of clients she can take on, are determined by the needs of current and potential clients.

“I’m available to my clients 24/7,” said Williams. Another geriatric care manager has agreed to cover for her should she become unavailable.

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