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January 23, 2014

AWS and Associates helps elderly preserve independence


Although it is not a hard cap, Williams said that she can probably maintain no more than 25 clients at a time. She is currently looking for additional clients.

ASW and Associates’ maximum number of clients is set to change in 2014. Currently, Williams is the only employee of ASW and Associates. In six to eight months, however, she plans to hire other employees, friends of hers who are also social workers. She said she believes that these hires will allow her to triple the number of clients that she can take on.

“I’m very excited,” she said.

Williams said that she maintains relationships with all social services agencies, and that she also works with physicians. When asked about the importance of these relationships, Williams characterized them as extremely important.

“I want the best for my clients,” said Williams. “The more avenues that are available … the better off that my client will be.”

Williams charges $65 an hour for her services, although she maintains a sliding scale for some clients.

As for how she gets new clients, Williams said that she often gets referrals from the children of potential clients, as well as from physicians and lawyers. She also said that she is getting an increasing number of self-referrals from individuals in their late 60s and early 70s, who want to put a care plan into place that will be available for them as they get older.

“I’m a service that they can tap into,” said Williams, when asked what she wants potential clients to know about her business. “I can help improve their quality of life … as they gracefully age.”

'Wherever the home (of my client) is, I'm a guest in the home. My job is to make sure their wishes are maintained.' Anne Schug Williams

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